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Salmo Fatso Lure

Salmo Fatso Lure
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Here is a lure that has already become a big fish classic with Salmo. You can troll a Fatso super fast, or cast it out and fish it super slow. You simply can’t fish this bait wrong. The side to side flash of the Fatso might be its key to success and is becoming one of the top Striper lures in the USA for fish over 40 pounds.

Versatility is the key to any truly great lure and the Fatso fills that need very well. Casting or trolling, the Fatso excels. You can simply cast out the Fatso and reel it in and catch fish, you can pump the rod tip to get a more obvious side to side action and catch fish. You can burn the lure in as fast as you can crank and catch fish. Floating models can be worked slowly just below the surface, sinking models have no limit to how deep you can fish.

This is not a light lure, so we recommend line of at least 20 pound test and a very stout rod.

Price:8.16 (Including VAT at 20%)

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