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Salmo Maas Marauder Lure (13cm)

Salmo Maas Marauder Lure (13cm)
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The Maas Marauder is incredibly easy to use to create a most tempting action. Combine that with its excellent aerodynamics and it has set new standards in the field of fishing with surface lures. Salmo designers have blended all their years of experience with a long list of requirements from North America’s best muskie angler, Al Maas. Al is a fishing guide from Walker in Minnesota, who designed to the Maas Marauder; the most durable, easiest to use and most effective surface lure in its class.

Recommended for: Pike.

The Maas Marauder is a surface walker that is great to cast and easy to fish. After each rod stroke it turns slightly, performing a deceptive zigzag dance across the water surface that is irresistible to most predators. By varying the speed and strength of the rod strokethe lure’s action changes according to your control. Variations in speed and action combined with breaks in the retrieve are often the best triggers for predators to strike. Remember this: as with all surface lures, do not strike when you see the fish but wait until you feel it through the rod before setting the hooks.

  • Model: MM 13
  • Lure Type: Floating
  • Length: 13cm
  • Weight: 36 grams

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  • Price:9.37 (Including VAT at 20%)

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