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Salmo Pike Floating Deep Diving Lure

Salmo Pike Floating Deep Diving Lure
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Salmo lure designers also have degrees in fish biology and understand the feeding habits of big Pike. Their Research on the food for Pike showed that cannibalism is very popular among this species. So they created a perfect imitation of the small predator. Many trophy Pike have been caught all over the world on the Salmo Pike.

Joined or one piece? You have both options and their actions are very different. Fishermen who want a lot of action on a lure that does not move fast will use the jointed model. This lure both rolls and wiggles with a very slow retrieve. The swinging tail from side to triggers the fish to strike instead of just following.

The one piece models are the ideal 'jerk' baits and have a great roll and wiggle. Very popular for both trolling and casting, the one piece Salmo Pike baits are plain and simple fish catching machines.

Price:8.16 (Including VAT at 20%)

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