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Salmo Skinner Lure - Discontinued Colours to Clear

Salmo Skinner Lure - Discontinued Colours to Clear
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RRP 8.99 to 10.99

Deadly as a trolling lure, the wide sweeping action of the Skinner really gets the attention of big fish. The tuff, solid body design holds up well to the teeth and abuse of catching several big fish. The great action, great looks and durable construction make the Salmo Skinner one of the best big fish baits you could use.

We recommend the Skinner 20 as a jerkbait for experienced pike and muskie anglers. The reason for this is that the Skinner 20 can be a real beast to retrieve for those not experienced with big baits. The Skinner 20 is however a great choice for trollers of any experience level. The Skinner 15 is a lot easier to cast and retrieve if this is the way you prefer to fish.

Price:5.94 (Including VAT at 20%)

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