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Salmo Warrior Lure

Salmo Warrior Lure
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Few big game lures ever earn the respect of both trollers and casters. Each demand a level of uncompromised performance, and each will find the Salmo Warrior Crank, will exceed expectations. Salmo’s solid body design is tough, and can take the abuse any pike, muskie or bluefish can dish out.

At slow speeds the Warrior Crank is easy to pull and you can cast it all day long. The unique side to side wobble of the Warrior Crank makes it capable of high speed performance while trolling without blowing out. The special body shape of the Warrior takes fishing to a new level if you understand the dynamics of a good hooking lure. The slim taper and solid body design of the Warrior Crank lends itself to being one of the best big minnow baits in its class for hooking success.

The action of the Warrior Crank is what makes it such a productive lure, but please understand the action is not nearly as aggressive as it is with the Salmo Skinner for example where the tail hook swings wildly from side to side. The Warrior Crank has more of a side to side wiggle and the flash of the back and sides really trigger fish in some situations.

We have a random selection of these, some are crank baits (with lip) some are Jerk baits (no lip) Supplied at random as available.

Price:8.16 (Including VAT at 20%)

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