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Savage Gear TPE Fly Shrimp - 5cm, 2.65g - Save 20%

Savage Gear TPE Fly Shrimp  - 5cm, 2.65g - Save 20%
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RRP 4.99

The TPE Fly shrimp is based on the 3D scan of a small shrimp and have incredible details even for its small size. The TPE material is very durable and elastic and can even be used on the fly rod. The lure can be rigged in many ways - due to its clever design. On the offset wide gape hook it can be rigged both forward and backwards and it can also be rigged on a small jig head the same way. The Body itself can be mounted and glued on top of a partial shrimp fly to create even more micro movement and profile.


  • Great for Bombarda, Teaser, Fly fishing and LRF fishing style
  • Ultra sharp Tournament offset hook
  • TPE material (don’t store with PVC soft lures)
  • Micro movement on legs and whiskers
  • Multiple rigging options
  • # 2 weighted Egg sack Offset hook

  • Price:3.98 (Including VAT at 20%)

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