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Sea Fishing Floats

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<span class='actregular'>Fladen Night Float Kit</span> Fladen Night Float Kit
A well designed Night Float from Fladen of Sweden, which can accept either the battery powered lights or chemical light sticks. Please see seperate listing for spare battery powered lights. Comes with one battery powered light (battery supplied), and one chemical light stick. Available in Size Medium (15 grams) or Large (20 grams). Float Length: 130mm ...

Tacklebargains Price: 4.12 (Including VAT at 20%)

<span class='actregular'>Fladen Battery Powered Float Lights (Pack of 6)</span> Fladen Battery Powered Float Lights (Pack of 6)
Pack of Six Fladen Float Lights, designed for use with the Fladen Night Float Kit. Batteries supplied.

Tacklebargains Price: 5.16 (Including VAT at 20%)

<span class='actregular'>Shakespeare Hi Vis Sea Floats</span> Shakespeare Hi Vis Sea Floats
These nice quality hi-vis sea floats measure approximately 7 inches and weigh 30 grams (1 oz). Available in a Pack of Four randomly assorted hi-vis colours for just or buy a Pack of Ten for only

Tacklebargains Price: 7.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

<span class='actregular'>Zebco Missile Dart Caster Sbirolino floats</span> Zebco Missile Dart Caster Sbirolino floats
The logical evolution of the dartcaster principle, but this time with a more conpact design and longer vanes, the missle flies better than ever. The impact of side winds is also reduced. Available in:
  • Floating (Translucent Clear)
  • Semi-Sink (Translucent Light Green)
  • Sink (Translucent Blue) Please choose weights from the drop down list

    Tacklebargains Price: 3.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

  • <span class='actregular'>Bluefox Firefly Lighted Floats - Additional Battery Lights - BOGOF</span> Bluefox Firefly Lighted Floats - Additional Battery Lights - BOGOF
    An additional / replacement lighted battery for the Bluefox Firefly Lighted Floats. Available in two colours: One per pack. For every one of these lights ordered we will include another absolutely FREE of charge - Free items will not show on invoice but will be added at packing and ...

    Tacklebargains Price: 5.09 (Including VAT at 20%)

    <span class='actregular'>BulletBobber - The Only Bobber with Direction Control!!!</span> BulletBobber - The Only Bobber with Direction Control!!!
    The BulletBobber is the latest innovation in casting floats. Using the patented directional control technology, the BulletBobber can offer an "edge" that other traditional casting floats cannot. For starters:
  • Unlike traditional casting floats, the BulletBobber is a planing board that allows you to control the "side to side" action with a small flick of the wrist after casting.
  • The ...

    Tacklebargains Price: 5.94 (Including VAT at 20%)

  • <span class='actregular'>TFG Surface Missile</span> TFG Surface Missile

    Tacklebargains Price: 6.11 (Including VAT at 20%)

    <span class='actregular'>DEC Floats with Weight, Beads, Swivel and Hook - Pack of 3</span> DEC Floats with Weight, Beads, Swivel and Hook - Pack of 3
    DEC Polystyrene 8" Sea Float. Expanded hollow polystyrene with nylon tube. Available in Pink, Orange, and Yellow. This contains three packs, one of each colour, with each individual pack containing:
  • Float
  • Weight
  • Hook
  • Swivel
  • Band
  • 2 Beads

    Tacklebargains Price: 7.95 (Including VAT at 20%)

  • <span class='actregular'>Slim pike / Sea Floats - Cosmetic seconds (10)</span> Slim pike / Sea Floats - Cosmetic seconds (10)
    Slim slider floats which are very popular for sea and pike fishing. These are cosmetic seconds as they have been packed before the paint was fully dry, resulting in a line of missing paint on some when they are separated, others are fine. 10 per pack See drop down for available sizes. Note: As always with this style of ...

    Tacklebargains Price: 7.66 (Including VAT at 20%)

    <span class='actregular'>Clear Oval Bubble Floats Multipack</span> Clear Oval Bubble Floats Multipack
    Oval shaped bubble floats, which are clear in colour for stealth fishing. The oval shape casts superbly and the addition of water allows the casting weight to be varied. Available in :

    Tacklebargains Price: 10.16 (Including VAT at 20%)

    <span class='actregular'>Bubble Floats Multipack</span> Bubble Floats Multipack
    Traditional bubble floats available in a good range of sizes, available in either Hi-Vis Orange / Red, Hi-Vis Yellow, Clear, or an assorted pack containing some of each colour. Packs in sensible sized quantities to save you money - please choose from the drop down list

    Tacklebargains Price: 10.16 (Including VAT at 20%)

    <span class='actregular'>Weighted Cigar Floats - 10 pack</span> Weighted Cigar Floats - 10 pack
    A very versatile long casting weighted self cocking float, which has gained popularity for both sea and long range carp fishing. Available in packs of 10, colours as available. See Picture. Choose size from drop down menu below.

    Tacklebargains Price: 10.16 (Including VAT at 20%)

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