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Sebile A Cast Medium Lip Suspending ( 125mm / 21.1 grams ) - Buy one get one FREE offer

Sebile A Cast Medium Lip Suspending ( 125mm / 21.1 grams ) - Buy one get one FREE offer
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RRP 9.99

The ACAST Minnow's mass transfer system is designed to improve distance and accuracy on every cast.

During the cast the weight of the lure moves to the tail of the bait guiding the lure to its target. Upon retrieve the weight chambers itself into position giving the lure perfect balance and movement. The sleek compressed design of the lure magnifies water displacement and vibration upon retrieve intensified by a series of sound beads.

The suspending ML models, which are 125 mm in length, provides a tight swimming action making it a must for finicky fishes, and stop and go style retrieve. Some walleye fishermen love trolling this bait as every change in their boat's direction gives them a subtle pause that may entice the predators to bite, specially in high pressured areas and during tournaments.

The ACast Minnow is designed to be able to cast one an incredibly long distance. A raceway inside runs from behind the head to the tail, and several heavy metal beads cause a mass transfer of a significant percentage of the ACast’s weight into its narrow, pointed tail during the cast. The beads roll back and chamber perfectly behind a baffle in the lure’s head for the ideal swimming balance during the retrieve.

The flat sides of the ACast Minnow are designed to move or stir a lot of water, creating a trail of turbulence underwater to attract finicky fish from far distances. Whether you work one fast or slow, the ACast’s broad sides create an irresistible paddling action that roils the water with its flat sides, thereby stirring up hungry fish’s appetites! When you see their broad sides flashing on the retrieve, you’ll realize just how much water those sides are stirring. All may be retrieved or trolled steadily. They also have lifelike darting action when jerked. One dependable tactic is to jerk them without pausing too long. Mainly keep jerking and moving them to excite fish into striking. The Medium Lip (ML) models have a tight wiggling action. The 125 ML dives to 8 feet, and suspend when paused. They’re at their best when you pause one right beside fish-holding cover, or whenever inactive fish are present, the suspending nature of the ML models can coax strikes from non-feeding fish that can’t resist the long pauses that are so deadly with the 125 ML.

  • Medium running suspending jerkbait
  • Recommended for: Bass, Walleye, Striper, Redfish, Speckled trout, Snook, Pike and other predator species.
  • Size Available : 12.5cm / 21g
  • Swim Depth : 4ft - 6ft

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  • Price:9.98 (Including VAT at 20%)

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