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Sebile A Cast Medium Runner Floating ( 165mm / 45 grams ) - Buy one get one FREE offer

Sebile A Cast Medium Runner Floating ( 165mm / 45 grams ) - Buy one get one FREE offer
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RRP 9.99

The ACAST Minnow's mass transfer system is designed to improve distance and accuracy on every cast.

During the cast the weight of the lure moves to the tail of the bait guiding the lure to its target. Upon retrieve the weight chambers itself into position giving the lure perfect balance and movement. The sleek compressed design of the lure magnifies water displacement and vibration upon retrieve intensified by a series of sound beads.

The Medium Runner (MR) lip is one of a kind : rounded sides, thinner on top and wider at the end, this revolutionary shape gives the lure a unique reactivity, immediately reaching its swimming depth and keeping it whenever you twitch it or jerk it as hard as you can, without giving you the resistance that so many big bait do. A beautiful bait for casting or trolling!

The unique lip of the MR give it their great action and make them easy divers. Patrick Sebile has designed them to swim with the smoothest and least resistance possible so you can fish with them all day without getting tired. Make no mistake however, the ACast MinnowMR are big baits requiring beefy tackle to fish them. With the bulky bodies, the ACast Minnow MR are going to appeal to trophy fish whether in freshwater or inshore saltwater angling. The unique round-sided, shovel-shaped lip on the ACast Minnow MR (Medium Runner) gives a tight and powerful motion to the bait without pulling hard against the rod. The ACast Minnow 165MR is very responsive and will maintain its depth even when you jerk, twitch or rip it as hard as you can, without giving you the wrist-breaking resistance that so many other big baits do. If you like catching big fish, make the ACast Minnow 165 MR your choice to target lunker fish down deep.

  • Medium running suspending jerkbait
  • Recommended for: Bass, Walleye, Striper, Redfish, Speckled trout, Snook, Pike and other predator species.
  • Size Available : 16.5cm / 45 grams

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  • Price:9.98 (Including VAT at 20%)

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