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Sebile Bonga Minnow Lure ( 95mm / 21 grams ) - Buy one get one FREE offer

Sebile Bonga Minnow Lure ( 95mm / 21 grams ) - Buy one get one FREE offer
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RRP 10.99

The "Bonga" is a bait like no other. With its fat round head and narrow tail, the bait is extremely agile for its size. Easily moving through turbulent waters without compromising action. All components are re-enforced so the "Big One" wont get away. Great for use with super-lines, this bait is on the hunt for our next trophy! Subtle Twitches of the rod tip will make the bait glide back and forth in a walking manner, While Rips will send it plunging under with erratic darts.

The Bonga Minnow mimics perfectly a slow moving top water prey like a mullet. With the nose up and the big head moving back and forth right-left, right-left, the Bonga Minnow's imposing figure can't help but be noticed as it displaces water while being worked, alerting predators in the neighbourhood that a scrumptious mouthful is nearby and an easy munch. Keep your rod tip down, twitch slowly, and make pauses up to 20 seconds - you will be amazed how the bad boys can come and explode the water for this stationary lure! But if you want to liven up the action, this beautiful floating bait can go fast anytime you need, making tons of commotion on top of the water.

The Sebile Bonga Minnow stick bait is a bold, stocky, yet agile lure that has the appearance of a plump juicy prey. It has a natural walking ability and easily moves through turbulent waters without compromising action and is best worked with the rod tip down, twitched slowly with several long pauses throughout the retrieve. This lure is part of Sebiles unique Evidence range of patterns using an arrangement of colour to bring life and a natural presence to the lure.

  • Lure Length: 95mm
  • Lure Weight: 21 grams
  • Type: Floating Top Water
  • Style: Topwater Walking Action Bait

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    For each one of these great lures that you order we will include an extra one absolutely FREE. Our colour choice on free lures. Note: Free lures will not display on your invoice but will be automatically added during packing...

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  • Price:10.98 (Including VAT at 20%)

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