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Sebile D&S Crank Lure ( 70mm / 25.5 grams ) - Buy one get one FREE offer

Sebile D&S Crank Lure ( 70mm / 25.5 grams ) - Buy one get one FREE offer
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The D&S Crank is revolutionary in its ability to catch more fish and snag less in heavy cover where anglers don't dare risk using and losing other lures.

It is also one of the first truly conservation-conscious lures that make catch and release easier, faster and safer for the fish.

The triangular shape body is armed with a moving wide gape hook so that the point is protected by the presence of the lure'sflattened tail.

Whether retrieved or trolled. Sebile's patent-pending Gravity Snagless Hook System uses the Earth's natural attraction to hold the hook down in its lowest position possible, permitting the bait to run through heavy grass,brush and rocks.

When a fish bites, the closing pressure of the jaws on the lure will raise the hook point up to catch the fish's mouth. Once a fish is hooked, the hook's position lowers down under line tension, and the lures flat tail now locks over the fishes lip, leaving the ability of the fish to escape very close to zero!

The use of a wide gape, single hook increase the chances of a good hook hold behind the fishes lip and it gives a better penetration of the hook through the harder part of its mouth as all the power from the rod tip to the lure is concentrated on one hook point only, ensuring the best possible hookset.

Best of all the Sebile D&S Crank makes releasing fish a breeze! The single hook design is good for fish safety, limiting any chance to cause injury to only one ook behind the lip. The lure's large lip also makes it easier and safer for an angler to handle their catch.

To easily release a fish, simply hold the lure by its lip and turn it to open the wide gap between the hook point and flat tail, and push the lure backwards. Done! The fish is now free! When a fish has to be netted, there's no moretrouble where the fish may be kept out of the water too long because of the hook tangling in the net. So fish may be released quicker, and holding the lure by its lip is safer than holding the fish by it's fragile lower jaw or with a hand in its sensitive gills or other unsafe ways. No, it isn't only a great lure that Patrick Sebile has designed, but a much-needed, safe fish-handling and quick release tool too.

Castability is excellent. The triangular body has a better aerodynamic design than a regular rounded crankbait and the single hook has less air resistance than two dangling treble hooks.

Internally, three partitions each contain a bead which roll different lengths to create different sound levels, making the Sebile D&S Crank widely targetable for a reaction strike on different levels.

Constructed of heavy duty, ultrasonic-welded ABS material, the Sebile D&S Crank is so strong and reliable, it will catch a large number of fish under tough conditions; but this is also a bait that you will enjoy fishing in more open areas too - not just in snaggy areas.

The hook's black nickel finish has a long-lasting rust-corrosion resistance that's perfect for fresh or saltwater. The latest technology is applied to make these special Sebile hooks with a very hard and long-lasting point sharpness.

  • Wide gap single hook
  • Sebile's Gravity Snagless Hook system

  • Lure Length: 70mm
  • Lure Weight: 25.5g
  • Type: Deep Running Snagless Fat Crankbait
  • Diving Depth: 6 to 8.5m

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  • Price:10.98 (Including VAT at 20%)

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