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Sebile Flatt Shad Sinking - Last few to clear - Any Size One Great Price

Sebile Flatt Shad Sinking - Last few to clear - Any Size One Great Price
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Any size just 7.95

No matter what size or species of gamefish you pursue, there is a sinking Flatt Shad SK model that’s perfect for any predator from the smallest to the largest, shallow or deep, in fresh or saltwater.

Note that the Flatt Shad works more off vibration than rattling noise. Yes, Flatt Shads do make an attractive rattling sound, but not as loud as most other brands of lipless rattling baits. The Flatt Shad’s pronounced vibration, however, is its
advantage. It’s wide, flat sides push an awful lot of water rapidly to the right and left, leaving a strong trail of turbulence that fish sense and will detect from afar through the water.

All Flatt Shad sizes will have action even when you go slow. The design concept includes a belly that is wider than the back.This causes big water turbulence on the sides and belly. That turbulence creates instability, which creates action. So you can go slow and can still have action. With any model or size of Flatt Shad, you can slow way, way down with the retrieve speed until you barely feel the lure throbbing in the rod handle - and there are days when finicky fish require the patient approach just described.

Normally however, in terms of action, you may use a steady retrieve or troll the Flatt Shad and it will attract many strikes simply because of the Flatt Shad’s vibration and swimming motion.

But when fishing gets tough, predators of all kinds may react to or be triggered to strike more by irregular lure actions. A stop-and-go, a lift-and-fall, whipping, ripping, burning, switching the rod tip or speed-reeling and then suddenly pausing the Flat Shad SK may trigger more reaction strikes versus a straight, steady retrieve.

Also, since many gamefish often hold in deep water, the Flatt Shad SK is one of the few hardbaits that will sink and can continue to be effective (be vertically jigged) at depths of 20, 30, 40 feet deep (depending on model) using thin diameter
braided line.This is well beyond the reach of most any hardbait on the market, except for super deep models of the SEBILE Koolie Minnow LL Long Lip series. And while many other brands of lipless crankbaits fail miserably and foul the line
constantly in vertical jigging situations, the Flatt Shad SK series all work without fouling much in deep water appropriate to their size and weight.

  • 54-SK: 54mm / 10 grams ( 2-4 FT )

  • 96-SK: 96mm / 40 grams ( 5-10 FT )

  • Price:7.94 (Including VAT at 20%)

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