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Sebile Magic Swimmer Fast Sinking ( 190mm / 90 grams ) - Buy one get one FREE offer

Sebile Magic Swimmer Fast Sinking ( 190mm / 90 grams ) - Buy one get one FREE offer
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SEBILE’s most famous lure model, the Magic Swimmer is a revolutionary design that undulates it’s jointed body in a very natural way that’s irresistible to predators. In spring 2008, SEBILE pros Todd Faircloth and Kenyon Hill both used it to help them win Bassmaster Elite events. Todd won at Lake Amistad, Texas and Kenyon at Clarks Hill Lake, Georgia. At the same time, a massive 17 lb lake record largemouth was landed in Japan by angler Hidetaka Nakajima, getting press worldwide for the Magic Swimmer. Today, the Magic Swimmer is very popular with anglers everywhere and for every species in fresh or saltwater. Available in hard and soft versions, the Magic Swimmer does not have a lip like other hard baits, nor does the Magic Swimmer Soft have a paddle tail to make it swim. So what makes it swim so magically you ask? It is all about the tapered nose and humpbacked head which slices the water, making turbulence first on one side, then the other. Once turbulence starts rolling down the sides, it won’t stop undulating like a living fish. All models are very stable swimmers whether trolled or cast. They just keep on swimming with that magic action no matter what.

The Magic Swimmers unique and natural action sets this superstar apart from all other lures. The thin baitfish body is jointed in three parts to ripple together in rhythmic swimming motion as artificial imitates perfection to make this impostor appear to be the real thing. Swim the lure slow or fast, at your discretion, as allowed by the Sebile Magic Swimmers perfect balance. Its natural swimming action even during steady retrieves is just too much for most gamefish to resist and is equally effective when cast or trolled by any means. It is available in sizes and models for all gamefish from the biggest to the smallest, in fresh or saltwater.

The Fast-Sinking (FSK) has superb swimming action on the retrieve as well. What’s incredible is that the FSK swims on the fall, without the angler having to do anything to get this great swimming action on the fall. The Fast-Sinking can be worked much deeper and if you fish where there is current or waves, you may favour the Fast Sinking for fast or turbulent water.

What is the number one action that fish go for? It’s a falling action, and the Magic Swimmer Fast Sinking (FSK) has it! As a result of its unique shape and heavy balance, the FSK will swim magically while sinking without reeling. This gives you something totally new and unique, as you can use the Magic Swimmer FSK with a regular, steady reeling and it’ll swim amazingly lifelike but you can also stop reeling to let it wriggle and undulate beautifully on the fall! The angler needs to do nothing to get this action. It’s designed to happen automatically as it swims and as it falls, it creates all its own underwater signals to attract predators, and therein lies its benefit to you! You will be amazed by the effectiveness of this bait with such little movement required by the angler! Even fast-hunting predators are used to finding dying prey; they are a delicacy to them as well as an easy meal - and so is your Magic Swimmer FSK as it falls with built-in swimming action. But don’t limit yourself to what you can do with it either, because you can use it with many different speed retrieves and various angler-imparted rod actions. There’s no right or wrong way to use one, yet always remember that you can count on the Magic Swimmer FSK to do its job when it falls, as that’s often when many strikes happen. Simply, this lure works for you and catches many fish for you if you let it fall a few times during your retrieve. The fast sinkers are long distance casters too, thanks to their heavier body weights. You can drill one out there, even in the wind. Also because they are heavier and have more stability, you get better control in current and waves.

  • Superb swimming action
  • Lifelike shape
  • Perfect for salt and freshwater predators
  • Lure Size: 190 mm
  • Lure Weight: 90 grams

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  • Price:18.98 (Including VAT at 20%)

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