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Sebile Split Rings

Sebile Split Rings
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The SEBILE split rings are the same ones that come standard on each SEBILE hard bait. They are specified and selected by Patrick Sébile for their long-lasting reliability. Size to size, they are amongst the strongest on the market, with a high resistance against pull and against opening. The stainless steel selected for these rings is properly forged for an even increased resistance and ability to endure, plus they are rust proof. You may replace existing split rings on any lure you have by matching the actual size. If you desire to upgrade your bait so it has extra resistance, you may step up to a little larger SEBILE split ring. The wide range of SEBILE split ring sizes permits you to meet all of your lure needs, from light tackle lures to bluewater fishing.

  • Comes standard on each Sébile hard bait
  • Long lasting reliability
  • Size to size Sébile Split rings are amongst the strongest on the market
  • Wide range of sizes from light tackle to bluewater fishing
  • Sizes Available : 5mm (72lb), 6mm (135lb), 7.4mm (172lb), 9mm (212lb) & 11mm (252lb)
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