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Sebile Stick Shadd SK Salt and Sun Big Game Series ( 175mm ) - Last few to clear

Sebile Stick Shadd SK Salt and Sun Big Game Series ( 175mm ) - Last few to clear
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The 100% pure fish catching machine, the Stick Shadd is a winner. This great casting and trolling bait is Patrick Sébile's personal favourite. Its distinctive design creates an erratic, unforeseen behaviour with furious movement in every direction. Each model operates according to its particular designed depth.

The Floating models float just below the surface, often breaking the water intermittently during a twitched retrieve. The Sinking models vibrate back and forth as they drift through the depths while being counted down to a desirable level at which you may easily work one back with sharp, short twitches and jerks of the rod. Add other actions as desired to suit the moment! The Stick Shadd is full of life and draws strikes when no other lure can!

New for 2011! The Stick Shadd is one of the most popular lures in the SEBILE range, and the overall favourite lure of Patrick Sebile. So it was only logical to upgrade the range to a new 210 size level to target the big mean ones. Tested on the coral-encrusted length of Australia's Great Barrier Reef by Patrick Sébile and the legendary Nomad Team, the 210mm monsters have proven exceptional results on every kind of game fish from shallow reefs to open bluewater. Coming in Floating and Sinking versions permits you to choose the one that fits the conditions best. This new size possesses all the action and benefits of smaller sizes, plus it has a steel cut sheet from nose to tail, connecting the hooks to make it tough as possible.

Rigged with two extra heavy reinforced treble hooks, they may be replaced by single hooks without altering the action of the lure. Just pick single hooks of the same weight as the trebles being replaced. This is the way it works for replacing hooks as well on any other SEBILE lure - replace hooks with ones of the same weight to preserve the action. We designed the Stick Shadd 210 FL and SK to be mostly used for spinning and casting, but they also work very well indeed for trolling.

  • Lure Length: 175 mm
  • Weight: 167 grams
  • Style: Jerkbaits (Sinking)

  • Price:15.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

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