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Shark Jerk 15cm - Fladen of Sweden

Shark Jerk 15cm - Fladen of Sweden
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New from Fladen of Sweden, this lure is a very slow sinking jerk bait with a long narrow body. Shark Jerk lures contain steel balls that rattle to attract the Pike to strike.

Length: 15cm
Weight: 60 grams

Available in Single Packs at 4.95 each - select your colour in the bottom drop down list below - or in Randomly Assorted Packs of 4 lures for just 16.00 or in Packs of 8 lures for only 30.00.
In both the 4 Pack and 8 Pack, the colours will be randomly selected and all lures in the pack will be of different colours.

Please see More Info to see a full image list of the colours available on this lure.

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