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Shimano Stradic Spinning Reel (US Version)

Shimano Stradic Spinning Reel (US Version)
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Not content to just add a few bearings or change the style, Shimano upgraded the Stradic with innovations to improve your overall fishing experience.

X-Ship technology adds rigidity and cranking power, making the handle easier to turn with or without load. The machined-aluminum handle has a direct-drive mechanism (threaded directly into the drive gear) to eliminate play and further increase transmission of power. Paladin® Gear Durability Enhancement delivers long-lasting smoothness. Propulsion® Line Management System combines a propulsion spool, SR® one-piece bail wire, Power Roller III, redesigned bail trip mechanism and S-arm® cam for longer, more accurate casts. Aerowrap® II Oscillation worm gear system reduces friction and increases efficiency. Five Shielded Anti-Rust Bearings and a waterproof drag. Maintenance port. Super Stopper® II anti-reverse roller bearing. Aluminum rotor, sideplate and spool.

Approved for use in saltwater.

  • X-Ship for rigidity and cranking power
  • Paladin gear durability enhancement
  • Propulsion line management system
  • Direct-drive mechanism (thread-in attachment)

    Gear Ratio
    Tacklebargains Price
    6.0 : 1
    140 yds / 8lb mono
    9.2 oz
    6.0 : 1
    170 yds / 8lb mono
    9.3 oz
    Flat T
    6.2 : 1
    200 yds / 10lb mono
    10.8 oz
    SW T
    4.8 : 1
    195 yds / 12lb mono
    10.8 oz
    Small Egg
    4.8 : 1
    170yds / 16lb mono
    20.8 oz
    Large Egg
    4.8 : 1
    250yds / 16lb mono
    20.5 oz
    Large Egg

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