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Shimano TLD - 2 Speed Multiplier Reel

Shimano TLD - 2 Speed Multiplier Reel
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RRP 269.99 - 289.99

The same drag system on standard TLD reels but heavily engineered for even tougher work. They offer the option of switching between high and low speed retrieve as situations dictate. If you are pumping a 200lb skate through 400ft of water, you'll need low. A high-flying billfish that changes course to rush the boat demands high. If you want just one reel for home and abroad, make it a TLD 2 Speed.

Gear Ratio
Tacklebargains Price
2011A TLD 2 SPEED 20A
450yds / 30lb mono | 745yds / 65lb braid
4.0:1 / 1.7:1
3011A TLD 2 SPEED 30A
600yds / 30lb mono | 1015yds / 65lb braid
4.0:1 / 1.7:1


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