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Shimano Yasei 2.1 metre Twitch and Topwater Rod - Heavy ( SYATNTH )

Shimano Yasei 2.1 metre Twitch and Topwater Rod - Heavy ( SYATNTH )
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RRP 229.95

Another addition to the Yasei predator family, the Yasei Twitch & Topwater is a special rod developed for twitching and topwater fishing techniques. The rod is supplied with two tips, one with an extra fast stiff action for the twitch, and one with a fast medium parabolic action for top water methods.

The blank is made of the special mix of HPC100 carbon and Biofibre to make it light, strong and shock resistant. The rod is finished with Power Cork grips, Fuji Stainless Steel Alconite guides and a woven carbon reel seat for a stunning look!

Power Cork: By applying a special surface treatment, Shimano have succeeded in making natural corm more durable. Power Cork is tactile, ergonomic,lightweight and attractive yet it will not absorb moisture, bacteria, degrade or age cosmetically. Being washable, it will last for years and still look like new.

High Pressure Carbon: During the heating process of any rod or pole the resin can be pushed to the surface of the blank which may cause an uneven distribution, resulting in weak spots. With High Pressure Carbon (HPC), pressure is applied to the blank during the heating process, forcing the resin to remain inside and ensuring an even spread. The result is amazing, creating a blank which can be up to 40% stronger than blanks made without HPC.

Biofibre: Adding Biofibre reinforces the carbon fibres in all directions. This gives outstanding strength, shock resistance, lightness and power.

Price:109.99 (Including VAT at 20%)

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