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Specimen Perch by Paul Hawthorn

Specimen Perch by Paul Hawthorn
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A high quality art print from a very colourful original oil painting by Paul Hawthorn, painted in a modern style. From a strictly limited numbered edition of only 100. Image size is approximately 8.5" x 12" with generous margins.

Paul Hawthorn
Born in 1977, Paul Hawthorn has worked in the family print and design business since 1995.

He was always interested in art at school and went on to pursue a course in art and design at Salisbury College.

His fresh new style is drawn from his experience with commercial inks and the way in which they merge, dramatically enhancing colour and texture. Flowing waves of ink mirrors Paul's work for water and it's inhabitants.

His work has been exhibited in and around the Avon Valley and his home town of Salisbury.

Since 2003, he has explored all directions with ceramics, textiles, wallpapers and murals. All with dynamic effects, in which his design can be utilised to fulfil any criteria.

Price:20.41 (Including VAT at 20%)

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