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Storm Deep Jointed MinnowStick ( DJMS )

Storm Deep Jointed MinnowStick ( DJMS )
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The Jointed MinnowStick features the aggressive, jointed action found in the Jointed MinnowStick, with more depth range. This makes it so easy to target those deeper fish down to 19 feet. Fish it fast, slow, on a constant retrieve or with a stop-and-go pattern. Whichever way, you can’t go wrong.

STORM's Deep Jointed MinnowStick Lures suspend, rattles and entices the strike with its hypnotic swimming action and lifelike external scale pattern with holographic body and eyes. When walleye are suspended deep, the Deep Jointed MinnowSticks attract like walleye magnets when cast or trolled. Red VMC® Barbarian hooks

  • Deep diving lip
  • Suspending
  • Aggressive jointed action
  • Loud rattle
  • External scale pattern
  • Holographic eyes
  • Premium Black Nickel VMC® hooks
  • UV bright finish reflects more light energy, strengthening the lure’s visibility

    DJMS09 : 9cm Lure
  • Running Depth: 6 to 10 ft.
  • Body Length: 3.75 inches
  • Weight: 7/16 oz
  • Price: 4.99

    DJMS14 : 14cm Lure
  • Running Depth: 10 to 19 ft.
  • Body Length: 5.5 inches
  • Weight: 7/8 oz
  • Price: 6.99
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