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Storm Intense Swim Shad

Storm Intense Swim Shad

Storm's new releases of Soft Plastics include "Intense Swim Shads" manufactured by the latest internal injection technology to produce durable colours that won't fade, particularly the accent colours and hot tails.

They a made from durable, ultra clear soft plastic with a scale like surface pattern and an internal lead head that gives them excellent casting properties.

The entire range of lures is fitted with premium quality VMC needle point hooks.

Intense Swim Shads have a Holographic "Wild Eye" and Holographic Flash Foil is incorporated in the body of the lure to enhance the life like swimming action and make them great for all species of fish.

  • Each 3 pack contains three different colour patterns ( See More Info for larger image )
  • The "InTense" molding process provides fish triggering colors that won't fade
  • Internal injection technology
  • Ultra-clear durable soft body with internal lead head
  • Premium VMC needle point hooks
  • Holographic swimmin' flash foil
  • Secure I-Bolt system holographic WildEye
  • Life-like swimming action
  • Great for all species of fish

Price:5.09 (Including VAT at 20%)

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