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Storm Wildeye 12cm Minnow Selection in Bulk (24)

Storm Wildeye 12cm Minnow Selection in Bulk (24)
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RRP 6.99 per Lure

Superb new lures from Storm, in a stunning range of fish enticing colours. A Tungsten Ball Weight Shifting System and perfectly balanced shape, for super long range casting. Neutral buoyancy to let it hang suspended in front of fish, and drive them crazy. Fitted with top quality hooks and split rings.

Please see More Info for pictures of all colours

Length: 12cm
Weight: 21gms (Freshwater) / 22gms (Saltwater)
Swimming Depth: 1.5 - 2.1 metres ( Freshwater) / 1.8 - 3.9 metres ( Saltwater)

Available for just 2.00 (plus VAT) per lure when purchased in a randomly assorted Bulk Pack of 24 lures ( 12 x Freshwater Minnows, and 12 x Saltwater Minnows)

Price:57.60 (Including VAT at 20%)

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