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Stren / Berkley Tinted Fluorocarbon Leader

Stren / Berkley Tinted Fluorocarbon Leader

Eliminate the sparkle of clear fluorocarbon and increase strikes with these tinted leaders. Just choose the leader that matches the color of the water you're fishing and watch your success increase.

Anglers will have the undetectable upper hand when they choose Stren Tinted Fluorocarbon Leaders. Just match the leader color with the water you are fishing with instant results. Stren Tinted Fluorocarbon Leaders are scientifically proven to help increase strikes by eliminating the sparkle of traditional clear fluorocarbon.

Colour: Gunsmoke or Tannic

Note: Sometimes the spools are labelled Berkley. This is exactly the same stuff made by the same company and as both brands are owned by Pure Fishing we are never sure which they will send.

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  • 10lb up to 30lb: 12.99

  • 40lb up to 60lb: 15.99

  • 80lb: 19.99
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