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Stren Microfuse Glacier Braided Line (125yds) - Save 50%

Stren Microfuse Glacier Braided Line (125yds) - Save 50%

RRP 19.99 - Save 50%

The Line You See is the Line You Control!

A thermally fused braided line able to capture available light in a way that fish can't see, yet beams like a lightbulb in the eyes of anglers.

  • Glows blue neon with blacklight for hi-vis night fishing
  • Unsurpassed strength per diameter
  • Near zero stretch for incredible sensitivity
  • Super smooth surface for incredible casting distance

    Spool Length: 125 yards
    Line Colour: Clear Blue Fluorescent

    Some sizes will be re spooled from bulk so packaging on these will be simple ( Indicated in the dropdown list )

  • Price:9.98 (Including VAT at 20%)

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