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Successful Flyfishing Strategies by Gary LaFontaine - SALE

Successful Flyfishing Strategies by Gary LaFontaine - SALE
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Two very informative and well produced videos featuring Gary LaFontaine and Dick Sharon. The films demostrate techniques and methods for many waters, from every day situations to the more challenging. Not theory, not lecture but actual on the water fishing.

The videos are VHS PAL UK Compatible.

Buy either Vol 1 or Vol 2 for 9.95 or save even more and buy both volumes for just 14.95,

John Randolph Editor and Publisher, Fly Fisherman

Dry Fly LaFontaine and Strike Indicator Dick become the Butch and Sundance of fly fishing, teaching techniques, top and bottom, while amusing us with stream repartee. The high quality of filming and editing set these instructionals apart from others in the market."

Watching these videos is like spending days being personally guided by two of the most experienced guides in the sport. (These videos are a lot more than knot tying, fly selection and choosing gear.) Understand how to identify the choicest spots, how to best approach them, what the most effective cast is, how to make it... and why. Learn how to observe and analyze every possible strategy at every possible fishing location. These videos will help you diagnose and solve all sorts of problems, from the simple to the complex. Co-host, Gary La Fontaine, is an author, lecturer, publisher, psychologist, scientist and perpetual student of the art and beauty of fly fishing. His award-winning books include: Caddisflies, The Dry Fly and Trout Flies. Co-host, Dick Sharon, is an outfitter/guide, instructor, lecturer, former Major League outfielder (Detroit Tigers, San Diego Padres), and the owner/operator of Fishing Headquarters in Dillon, Montana.
Gary and dick utilize stream techniques, electronic graphics, incisive humor, cosmic intuition - anything and everything that communicates how to observe, analyze and perform... in other words, how to hook more fish!

Learning to Fish, January 3, 2003 Reviewer: Donald Wilcox from San Jose,, California USA

The first few years of a fly fishers world are concerned with learning about tackle, learning to tye knots, picking the right fly, , learning to cast. Most of this stuff can be learned at home, from friends, from books or from videos. But then comes the fishing. After learning all the other stuff a beginner can still be lost on the stream without actually knowing how to fish.
Thats what this video is all about. The actual fishing. Dick and Gary take the viewer to a spot and discuss where they would fish this spot from and why. The video does contail a lot of good natured jocking around. This video is as close to a day on the river with a guide as you can get. A real joy to watch!

Best Fly Fishing video I've ever seen!, July 11, 2001 Reviewer: Bill Wade from Fallbrook, CA USA

I've watched them all, and most fly fishing videos show the same things. Not these two. You feel you're actually walking the waters with two of the best guides in the business. I learn something new every time I watch them.

All I can say is, They Are Terrific, December 11, 2002 Reviewer: Pedram Missaghi from San Diego, CA USA

Having gotten into fly fishing in the last few years, I was looking for videos that would be helpful, instructive and NOT boring. I saw these shows on Amazon.com and first looked at the Editorial Reviews. Many of the most respected people in fly fishing are really complimentary about them. I also looked at all the customer reviews and I saw that the vast majority are definitely positive. So I bought them, and all I can say is, they are terrific. You can watch them for pure entertainment value, or fill a notebook with great tactics, strategies, tips and advice Ð all, I believe, applicable no matter where I fish. I like the way so much information is conveyed while, at the same time, these guys are having such a good time. What a pleasure to see Gary LaFontaine actually doing what he writes about. These shows bring his books to life.


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