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Sufix Ballistic High Abrasion Braided Leader - in bulk (12)

Sufix Ballistic High Abrasion Braided Leader - in bulk (12)
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RRP 7.99

The ultimate abrasion resistance is combined with superb strength and a smooth friction-resistant coating. Ballistic super braid offers the muscle needed to safely land fish in snaggy situations. Near zero stretch ensures direct contact at all times. This hooklink material has proven to be a winner for catfish anglers, who praise it as the ultimate hooklink for this species.

  • Ultimate high abrasion braided leader
  • Extra tough - ideal for shock and snag leaders
  • Perfect for spod and marker set ups
  • High strength and friction resistant coating
  • 20 metre spool with dispenser

  • Colour: Olive Green (OG) or Dark Brown (DB)

    Available in individual display packs, at just 3.00 (plus VAT) each in Bulk Packs of 12

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  • Price:43.20 (Including VAT at 20%)

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