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Sufix Camfusion Hook Link - Save 40%

Sufix Camfusion Hook Link - Save 40%
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Family of Sheath Skin and Kameleon and Camo Skin. Camfusion has a fantastic dark olive green skin, and by retaining the 'bomb proof' inner from the brown Sheath Skin, it is able to offer anglers another option for when they require a darker green skin and a duller inner core enabling them to camoflage their hooklink effectively against weed and dark 'chod'.

  • Fast sinking
  • Semi stiff, strippable, outer skin
  • Ideal for fishing over weed and choddy lake beds
  • 20 metre spool with dispenser
  • Colour: Olive Camo

  • Price:5.99 (Including VAT at 20%)

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