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Sufix Fluoro Tippet in Bulk (36)

Sufix Fluoro Tippet in Bulk (36)

A premium quality and high integrity fluoro carbon leader. With a light refractive index very close to water, Fluoro Tippet is nearly invisible in water. It sinks much faster than nylon tippets allowing you to present your fly in the "strike zone" quickly. Slightly stiffer than standard nylon monos, Fluoro Tippet offers exceptional turnover and fewer tangles in most fishing situations.

  • 100% fluoro carbon
  • Fast sinking
  • 25m per spool
  • Size 2X ( 3.6kg / 8lb - 0.245mm )
  • Size 3X ( 2.7kg / 6lb - 0.203mm )
  • Size 5X ( 1.8kg / 4lb - 0.158mm )

    Available in Bulk Packs of 36 spools at just 1.70 (plus VAT) per spool - Please choose from the sizes above, or a Mixed Pack containing 12 spools of each size.

  • Price:73.44 (Including VAT at 20%)


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