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Sufix Sheath Skin Dyneema Hook Link

Sufix Sheath Skin Dyneema Hook Link
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Now you can tie advanced rig presentations with ease. This super strong, fine diameter braid is made with a strippable outer skin and stealth properties. Whether you keep the "skin" on or strip it, the same stealth line color will keep this hook link well hidden. A neutral buoyancy Dyneema braid is encapsulated with a tangle-free removable outer skin. So supple that running your fingers over Sheath Skin will allow it to straighten. High knot strength and unrivaled abrasion resistance.

  • Neutral buoyancy
  • Soft, strippable, outer skin
  • Can be fished with skin 'on' or stripped back to create a combi rig
  • Low diameter and high abrasion resistance
  • 20 metre spool with dispenser

  • Available in Stealth Brown (SB) or Stealth Green (SG)

  • Price:8.99 (Including VAT at 20%)

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