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TF Gear Cutting Edge Spinning Rods - Save 40%

TF Gear Cutting Edge Spinning Rods - Save 40%
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RRP 49.99

A superb set of rods, available in three different styles:

TF Gear Cutting Edge Spin-Jig 6' 5-15gm Rod

This TFG Spin/Jig 6' Rod is designed to "flick" small artificial baits accurately to features that are home to lurking predators. Whether you need to drop a small lure tight against a fallen tree or to explore bankside rushes, this TF Gear spin/jig rod is perfect. With a crisp sensitive tip, the cutting edge will give you lightening quick response to any bite.

TF Gear Cutting Edge Spin/Jig 6' 10-40gm Rod

Extremely versatile, this TFG Spin/Jig XT 6' rod has a beautiful, sensitive tip ideal when using soft jigs whilst zander and perch fishing. A power core has been built into the TF Gear Spin/Jig XT 6' rod's mid section which supplies extra power when casting medium sized plugs and spoons; this is the perfect search and engage battling big aggressive pike.

TF Gear Cutting Edge Heavy Lure 7' 30-70gm

When you are launching heavy lures, big spoons and jerk baits, this is the rod you need. Awesome casting power, yet light and sensitive enough to detect and hit any bite. The cutting edge heavy lure has been crafted to hunt down and tame the most aggressive predators.

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Price:29.99 (Including VAT at 20%)

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