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TFG - The Gear - Ocean 11 Boilies - 2.5KG Pack - Save 40%

TFG - The Gear - Ocean 11 Boilies - 2.5KG Pack - Save 40%
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RRP 26.95

The freshest fish, combined with the best fish oils and our high quality fishmeal base, provide instant and sustained attraction.

Containing 11 different nutritional food sources and blended with proven fish catching ingredients, Ocean 11 has been designed to induce fish into a feeding frenzy guaranteeing incredible results.

Available Sizes:
  • 15mm
  • 20mm

    Knowledge and Science behind 'The Gear' Fishing Baits

  • The highest quality ingredients
  • Extensive field-testing by the best anglers
  • A precise balance of active ingredients and the very best attractors
  • Carefully formulated to catch consistently throughout the year
  • Gives you an essential edge over the wariest fish
  • Boilies come in handy resealable bags for lasting freshness

    Matt Hayes Says

    "Often I am fishing under pressure, either needing to catch fish for the cameras, or trying to capture a sought after specimen from the toughest waters; I have to ensure that whatever I use gives me the very best chance of success. Which is why I needed to create my own very special range of baits.

    Drawing on all my experience and knowledge I have produced a range of baits that provides the perfect balance between instant attraction and long term sustained success. Using the very best
    bait ingredients and some of my closely guarded secrets, I can finally unveil the "The Gear".

    My range has something for all anglers from boilies, pellets, dips and groundbaits to unique natural liquids and PVA friendly particles. My bait range is the result of more than a decade spent fishing at the highest level - anglers can count on it."

  • Price:16.51 (Including VAT at 20%)

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