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TFG Compact Commercial 10ft Float Rod -Cosmetic Seconds

TFG Compact Commercial 10ft Float Rod -Cosmetic Seconds
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RRP 99.99

Get in on the action with TFG's new Compact Commercial float rod, ideal for all commercial fisheries.

Perhaps the most advanced commercial float rod ever designed. A lightening quick tip enables you to hit shy, delicate bites, this is combined with a responsive through action that allows you to fish light but pull heavy. From roach and rudd to tench and carp, this float rod handles them all.

We have a batch of these superb and very verstile rods to clear due to a printing error. The manufacturer printed "feeder" on them rather than "float" Otherise all as it should be but dont delay. This is a one off deal so when theyre gone theyre gone !!!!

Price:29.99 (Including VAT at 20%)

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