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Toothy Critter Head Case - Save up to 50%

Toothy Critter Head Case - Save up to 50%
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Developed by Chris Leibbrandt these Toothy Critter Heavy Hot Tail Lures are devastating predator baits, effective for just about every predatory fish imaginable. The forerunners of many of the soft baits now available. Each pack contains one ready rigged lure, and because you will need it, a spare tail.

The Light Head Case is fitted with a slow sinking head, enabling a natural presentation even at slow speeds. Great for slow rivers or stillwaters. The heavy head is all metal and great for fast rivers and deep lakes. These baits are easy to cast and brilliant for a slow retrieve, trolling or vertical jigging. Chris has accounted for literally hundreds of chub, perch, pike and zander on these devastating lures.

Sink TypeLengthWeightPrice
Fast Sink4"28gms£2.99 £2.00
Fast Sink6"68gms£4.99 £2.50
Slow Sink3"5gms£2.50 £1.75
Slow Sink4"10gms£2.99 £2.00
Slow Sink6"30gms£4.99 £2.50

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