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Trabucco Xenos XPS Fixed Spool Reel - Last few to clear

Trabucco Xenos XPS Fixed Spool Reel - Last few to clear
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The Trabucco Xenos XPS with 6 ball bearings stainless steel Long Life, combined with 1 Roller Bearing running the one-way system. It is supplied with 2 aluminium spools with double line of holes finished internally in gold, in order to save weight and improve balance rotation.

The two spools have been tooled using a single piece of hard aluminium, by special numeric-controlled cutting machinery that assure the maximum precison of the cut and so offer a perfectly balanced spool. The spools have been combined with golden Titanium in some parts, like the spool lips.

Inside the Xenos XPS is the legendary Slow Oscillation System, that allow a perfectly cylindrical spooling and avoid line torsion. The golden aluminium bail, has a larger diameter and is hollow inside, and helps the S.O.S. to spool the line tight and straight without torsions. The handle has a soft knob of new design. The front drag is very smooth and progressive, and works on oversized washers. The body is completely made in aluminium, for a long life.

  • Aluminium Construction: Many Trabucco reels feature aluminium bodies, spools, handles, and feet which all contribute to lightness in use and to ensure a long-lasting product.

  • Perfect Spooling: The line spooling systems are a key feature to this range - a very fast rotor that moves the spool slowly combine to deliver perfect parallel spooling at the correct tension.

  • Steel Alloy Bearings: All reels depend on bearings which are crucial to their performance. Extreme research has resulted in the optimum combination of hardness and resistance to corrosion achieved with this stainless steel used.

  • Hollow Bail Arm: These reels feature a hollow over-sized aluminium bail arm that produces perfect line-lay on retrieve and also have a 'rotor locking' system that prevents the bail closing whilst casting.

    Gear Ratio
    Ball Bearings
    5.0 : 1
    0.235mm / 150 m
    6 + 1
    5.0 : 1
    0.275mm / 165m
    6 + 1

  • Price:60.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

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