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Tsunami Cut Throat Tazers 4 inch Lures ( 5 per pack )

Tsunami Cut Throat Tazers 4 inch Lures ( 5 per pack )
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All new colours - Just 7.50

Based on the same design as the standard Tsunami Tazer, the Cut-Throat construction incorporates 3D-Red Eyes and holographic tape to simulate a bleeding fish and further improve catch rates.

Tsunami has released the Tazer range, its latest offer in pre-rigged soft plastic lures. Tsunami Tazers have a medium-profile and a tail shape that produces a life-like swimming action. Tsunami Tazers can be fished with a lift-then-drop style retrieve using various speeds. They are also suitable for slow trolling to cover every inch of a favourite river or reef ground. The internal pre-rigged weight is specially designed to achieve the optimum action for the Tazer body shape, so fishing a Tazer is as easy as ‘tie one on and start casting’. Six proven colours are available in the standard range in four-inch and six-inch lures. Or, for those anglers wanting more of an advantage, the Cut Throat Tazers have all the features of regular Tazers, but in four classic colour patterns with a blazing 'Cut Throat' red flash under the throat, to mimic an injured bleeding fish. That really drives the big fish wild!

  • Length: 4 inch
  • 5 Per Pack
  • Weight: 10 grams

    Please choose colour from the drop down list.

  • Price:7.50 (Including VAT at 20%)

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