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Tsunami Pro Paddle Tail Rigged Scented Soft Lures

Tsunami Pro Paddle Tail Rigged Scented Soft Lures
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Tsunami Paddle Tail lures have a body profile which is very similar to a number of popular prey species and this combined with the large paddle tail makes a very attractive lure. The weighted body is mounted on a strong Mustad hook and they can be used for drifting on the boat or for casting from the shore

Tsunami Paddle Tails are irresistible to fish. Not only are they incredibly lifelike but by adding a fish-attracting scent they smell great too (well, to the fish!) and it's easier than ever to catch more because they are all set-up to swim perfectly straight out of the packet. All you have to do is tie one on and start fishing. The internal lead head is fitted with a Mustad Ultra Point hook and all rigged Scented Paddle Tail Fish lures have holographic inserts for a fish-attracting flash and 3D eyes. Try them in turbid waters or on finicky feeders, or whenever you need that something extra to catch the fish of the day

Available in the following sizes:

  • Body Length: 4 inch ( 3 per pack )
  • Body Length: 6 inch ( 2 per pack )

    Please choose colour from the drop down menu above.

  • Price:4.98 (Including VAT at 20%)

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