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Tsunami Shockwave Flasher Wedge Lures

Tsunami Shockwave Flasher Wedge Lures
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Tsunami Shockwave and Shockwave Flasher lures are favourites among anglers who enjoy high-speed spinning with metal lures. They're just as effective when launched from beaches and rock ledges as they are when cast horizontally or jigged vertically from a boat. This lure design is one of the most versatile and can catch bonito, tailor, tuna, mackerel, trevally, kingfish, cobia, coral trout, fingermark, Australian salmon and skipjack. Shockwaves area available in five sizes from 1/2oz to 3oz and Shockwave Flashers are available in three sizes from 1oz to 3oz. All Shockwave lures feature Tsunami's super-flashing 'chrome, silver prism' finish.

  • Bright hard Chrome finish
  • Rigged and Ready with premium Mustad hooks
  • Stainless Steel split rings
  • Refractive prism tape
  • HD swivel rigged
  • Custom curve swinging action
  • Specially designed fish attracting natural latex rubber tail

    Available in three sizes:

  • 1oz ( 28 grams ) - 2.49

  • 2oz ( 56 grams ) - 3.99

  • 3oz ( 85 grams ) - 4.99
  • Weight

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