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Tsunami Soft Plastic Scented Frog Lures ( 5" ) - Buy 2 get 1 free

Tsunami Soft Plastic Scented Frog Lures ( 5
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Frogs are a common menu item for the top freshwater predators such as barramundi, bass, saratoga, golden perch and Murray cod. Tsunami Pro Scented Frogs create an advantage for anglers based on this fact, combining a realistic frog body shape with the latest soft plastic lure materials and Tsunami's Secret Scent TS. Rig them unweighted and weedless and cast them onto lily pads, then slowly 'hop' them along the top of the lilies for a short way before flicking them into the water; if you're lucky the fish will smash the lure before you even get it wet!

Tsunami Pro Scented Frogs are also a very effective secret weapon when used as a surface lure in rivers, estuaries and freshwater impoundments.

Available Colours:
  • Pearl with Black Spots
  • Green and Pearl with Black Spots
  • Green and Black with Black Spots

    For every two packs ordered will will include an extra pack absolutely free of charge. Note: Free goods will not show up on your invoice but will be added automatically and shipped with your order. No colour choice on free goods, these are picked at random during packing.

  • Price:4.98 (Including VAT at 20%)


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