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Williamson Benthos Speed Jig ( BSJ )

Williamson Benthos Speed Jig ( BSJ )
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This diamond shape design drops vertically at high speeds and gets you right on top of the fish even with a heavy drift. Then the glow in the dark painted details will get the predator's attention and trigger the strike. A series of jigs that are a pleasure to fish with. Comes pre-rigged with a single assist hook. This is one of the best kits you'll ever own for Sailfish. Rigged with bait springs, these lures are ready to be fished with either Ballyhoo or strip baits. The lure heads are specifically designed to accommodate the bait spring in the rear of the head thus offering the bait maximum protection when trolling. Six exciting colors and all this with four exciter birds two soft, two hard to either place in front of your lures or to build a teaser to raise the fish to your bait.

BSJ200: 200mm length, 7.99

BSJ250: 250mm length, 9.50

BSJ300: 300mm length, 12.50


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