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Williamson Pro-Rig Ballyhoo Lures ( Pack of Three ) ( LBHPR9 )

Williamson Pro-Rig Ballyhoo Lures ( Pack of Three ) ( LBHPR9 )
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RRP 17.95

A fast trolling soft plastic lure that is so effective, livebaiting becomes unnecessary. Troll at speeds from 2-8 knots and its life-like swimming action will account for all predatory species.

The versatile Williamson Ballyhoo lure has a unique nose construction and two nose rigging options for Pro-Rigging. Can also be fished J-rigging and other circle hook rigging techniques.

Pack comprises two unrigged lures and a third rigged with an 8/0 circle hook and 6ft of 100lb line.

  • Lure Length: 9.5" / 24cm
  • Lure Weight: 2oz / 60 grams
  • Nose rigging system for circle hook
  • Holographic 3D eyes
  • One lure comes pre-rigged with a circle hook and 6 feet of 100lb line
  • Three body rigging options
  • VMC hook on rigged bait
  • Strong soft plastic construction
  • Holographic foil adds life like flash
  • Designed to use 9/0 hooks
  • Patented hook locking system

  • Price:14.94 (Including VAT at 20%)

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