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Wool Mix Thermal Socks

Wool Mix Thermal Socks
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Great value Thermal Wool Mix Socks, containing a minimum of 30% Wool. Manufactured with a blend of other fibres to be soft, hard wearing, and durable. These socks typically sell for between £4.99 and £5.99 per pair. These are all mens size which fits 7-11

  • Medium Length (4 Pairs) : £10.00
  • Medium Length (12 Pairs) : £25.00
  • Long Length (4 Pairs) : £12.00
  • Long Length (12 Pairs) : £30.00

    Assorted popular colours picked at random, please see More Info

    We have these at such a great price because they have been stored at some time in a damp stores and so have absorbed a damp smell. This is normally removed the first time that they are washed.
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