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Yo-Zuri Aurie -Q "RS" 3.5 inch Squid Lure ( A1585 )

Yo-Zuri Aurie -Q
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RRP 16.99

The Yo-Zuri Aurie-Q is regarded in Japan as one of the best all round Squid Jigs available. The RS (or Rolling Shaft) is a patented front clip that allows the lure to rotate in a 360 degree movement. These Aurie-Q have see through bodies with flash plate in the centre, making them ideal for day time or night time use.

Fishing for squid is pretty much an art form in YoZuri's native Japan. The Aurie-Q jigs with their rolling shaft system are one of the most effective and deadly squid jigs yet devised.

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Price:10.19 (Including VAT at 20%)

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