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Yo-Zuri Magnet Darter 16g Floating Lure - Save 20%

Yo-Zuri Magnet Darter 16g Floating Lure - Save 20%
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RRP 16.99

The Yo-Zuri Magnet Darter uses the patented Magnet Weight Transfer System to provide long accurate casts and stabilised actions. When cast, weights are transferred to the back of the lure, providing an aerodynamic shape for increased casting distance and accuracy. When retrieved, the weights lock into the middle of the bait, providing a balanced, lifelike swimming action. Add in features like holographic finishes, 3D eyes, and extra sharp hooks and you have a lure which sets new standards for high performance.

With a tantalizing humpback design and oversized head this lure realistically imitates injured bait fish, designed to dart just below the surface. And it has saltwater hooks and stainless steel split rings.

  • Length: 120mm ( 4.75 inches )
  • Weight: 16 grams ( 9/16 oz )
  • Action: Floating

    Available in a choice of colours, please choose from the drop down list.

  • Price:14.17 (Including VAT at 20%)

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