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<span class='actregular'>Fishing Gift Ideas</span> Fishing Gift Ideas

Gift ideas for the Fisherman in your life! Range of products from all sections which would be excellent presents to give this Christmas

<span class='actregular'>Fishing Rods and Rod Building</span> Fishing Rods and Rod Building

Fishing rods at discount prices, Rod building supplies and spare sections, fly fishing rods, carp and pike fishing rods, trigger grip lure rods, feeder and quiver rods, beach and boat rods, spinning and spin fishing rods, multipiece travel rods, telescopic holiday rods, salmon rods, bass rods etc

<span class='actregular'>Custom Rod Building Supplies</span> Custom Rod Building Supplies
Fishing rod Cork handle grip Sections for Fly and Match fishing Rod grips, plus a good range of FUJI fishing rod Guides, rod eyes and Fishing Reel Seats.

<span class='actregular'>Fishing Combos and Kits</span> Fishing Combos and Kits

Fishing kits and Rod + Reel combos including starter kits for Carp, Match and feeder fishing plus telescopic holiday / travel fishing kits, inshore and boat sea fishing kits.

<span class='actregular'>Fishing Reels</span> Fishing Reels

Fishing reels at discount prices including Fly reels, Spinning reels, Lure fishing multiplier reels, Sea and offshore reels, centrepin reels, freespool reels etc

<span class='actregular'>Fishing Nets</span> Fishing Nets

Trout nets, Salmon gye nets, Keep nets, sea and fresh water landing nets, replacement netting, carp and pike nets, specimen nets etc

<span class='actregular'>Fishing Lines</span> Fishing Lines

Fishing Lines at discount prices - including Fly fishing Lines, Nylon fishing line, Braided Super Lines, Fluorocarbon line and leader, Co-Polymer lines, Floating and sinking braided spectra lines, Fly fishing Leader Materials, Fly backing lines, tapered fly leaders etc

<span class='actregular'>Fishing Lures</span> Fishing Lures

Fishing Lures at discount prices from freshwater fishing lures to massive offshore tuna and sailfish lures, including Top Brand fishing lures such as Rapala, Storm, Yo-Zuri, plus Bankrupt Clearance lures at cheap prices and Discontinued fishing Lures. Good selection of lures for pike and bass fishing including bucktails and softbaits

<span class='actregular'>Fishing Baits</span> Fishing Baits

Fishing Baits from top brands including Berkley PowerBait, Berkley Gulp, TFG, and Uncle Josh. Boilies, Groundbait, Popups, Pellets, Dips, Hemp, Imitative Baits, and Bait Frogs

<span class='actregular'>Fishing Hooks, Swivels etc</span> Fishing Hooks, Swivels etc

Fishing Hooks and Swivels - including Treble hooks, Sea fishing Hooks, Coarse and match fishing Hooks, Hooks to Nylon, Carp Hooks, Circle hooks, Barrel Swivels, Crossline Swivels, Rolling Swivels, and Snap Link Swivels

<span class='actregular'>Fishing Flies and Fly Tying</span> Fishing Flies and Fly Tying

Fishing Flies including Fulling MiIl Flies, fly selections and flies by the dozen. Large range of Saltwater flies, Pike flies, Salmon flies, Trout flies, Nymphs, Wet and Dry flies, plus Vices, Tying tools and Materials.

<span class='actregular'>Fishing Floats</span> Fishing Floats

Fishing floats, Carp controllers, Pike floats, pole floats, freshwater floats, sea floats, bubble floats, handmade traditional floats, float making materials etc

<span class='actregular'>Fishing Glasses</span> Fishing Glasses

Polarised fishing glasses from budget polarised glasses to top end glasses by Bolle, Action Optics, Orvis, Serangetti, Costa del Mar.

<span class='actregular'>Fly Fishing Accessories</span> Fly Fishing Accessories

Fly Fishing Accessories, including fishing fly line winders, boat fishing seats, Fly Boxes, fly and leader Sinkants, fly Floatants, and other Fly specific tools/accessories

<span class='actregular'>Sea Fishing Accessories</span> Sea Fishing Accessories

Sea Fishing Accessories and equipment, including Feathers, Traces, Lures, Beads, Rig Wallets, Butt Pads, and other accessories

<span class='actregular'>Carp and Freshwater Fishing Accessories</span> Carp and Freshwater Fishing Accessories

<span class='actregular'>Spinning and Lure Fishing Accessories</span> Spinning and Lure Fishing Accessories

<span class='actregular'>General Fishing Accessories</span> General Fishing Accessories

Fishing accessories and fishing equipment, fishing scales, tools, scissors, forceps, pliers, weigh slings, un-hooking mats, fish finders, trolling motors, lights and lamps, insect repellants etc

<span class='actregular'>Outdoor Knives</span> Outdoor Knives

Fishing Knives, Fillet Knives, Folding Lock Knife, Folding Sportsmans Knife, Rapala and Normark knives Sharpening Stones, Diamond Sharpeners, Filleting Knives, Folding Fillet Knives, Hunting knives and skinning knives all at discount prices

<span class='actregular'>Binoculars and Scopes</span> Binoculars and Scopes

A selection of top brand sporting Binoculars and Scopes at discount prices

<span class='actregular'>Fishing Clothing, Footwear and Luggage</span> Fishing Clothing, Footwear and Luggage

Fishing clothing at discount prices, many top brands like Touchstone, Englands, Snowbee, Sportfish, G Loomis, Sage. including Waterproof Jackets and Trousers, Fishing Bags, Shirts, Boxes, line trays, chest packs, Realtree etc

<span class='actregular'>Fishing Gifts and Art</span> Fishing Gifts and Art

Fishing gifts, fish pictures and Fishing art Prints, Traditional Handmade Floats, Angling Sculptures, paper weights etc. A selection of works by Charles Jardine, David Miller and Robin Armstrong

<span class='actregular'>Fishing Books, DVDs, and Videos</span> Fishing Books, DVDs, and Videos

Fishing videos and fishing dvd including Cortland Fly Fishing Tactics, Mel kreiger's Fly casting instruction DVD's, fly fishing strategies by Gary la Fontaine, Rapala lure fishing video

<span class='actregular'>Bulk Fishing Tackle Offers</span> Bulk Fishing Tackle Offers

Wholesale fishing tackle in bulk. Wholesales fishing reels and fishing tackles in full case quantities. Clearance and closeout Fishing equipment at cheap clearance prices plus bankrupt stock fishing tackle

<span class='actregular'>Other Stuff</span> Other Stuff

This contains products that didn't really fit into any of the Fishing Product categories, but we thought were interesting enough to include!

<span class='actregular'>Grandeslam Fishing Tackle</span> Grandeslam Fishing Tackle

We are constantly adding products - If there is something that you require that is not listed please advise us. We will get back to you but please allow a little time as these enquiries are dealt with personally. Click here to Contact Us

Discount Fishing tackle and angling equipment
Fishing equipment at cheap discount prices. Because we buy tackle in wholesale quantities, and sell only online, we can offer great savings on nearly all of your angling equipment needs. Whether you are looking for fly and game fishing tackle, lure fishing gear, coarse and match fishing equipment, sea fishing tackle or specialist carp or pike fishing tackle remember - fish don't care how much you paid.