Fladen Maxximus Solid-C Boat Rods 8ft (2pc) - Seconds - Last few to clear

Customer Review - John Cotteril

"I bought this rod from you 2 months ago and have since caught cod to 25 lb, which the rod handled with ease, and many other fish. It's strength is amazing but it's sensitivity is unbelievable - I've even used it to catch flounder on the drift. By a long way it's the best rod I've ever used. Your price was the cheapest anywhere and your delivery was perfect. Well done!!!"

Review from a Days Fishing with the Fladen Maxximus Solid Carbon - reproduced with kind permission of Pat Carlin
Channel Chieftan - Pat Carlin

"Managed to get out today and have a go with the new rods, just one word - Excellent!!! I had on the old boys from Wigan, they all fish with 50lb to 80lb rods for Ling and normally lose more fish than they catch. Today we set the new rods up for Ling and give them all a go for two or three drifts each, between the two rod we caught 9 Ling up to 23lb and 5 Pollack up to 15lb. The rods were brilliant and handled the fish with ease, they also snagged the wrecks lots of times and really put them under a lot of pressure.
All in all the boys loved fishing with them." - (See Pictures Above)

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Magazine Review - reproduced with kind permission of Total Sea Fishing

"Rod Revolution!
A new rod-manufacturing process could well sweep through angling. We've managed to lay our hands on one of four such rods in the UK. Here's what the new Maxximus Solid-Sea rod is all about.

To our knowledge, the Maxximus Solid-Sea series of rods being manufactured by Fladen and distributed by YYS International is the first of its kind. All rods as we know them today are manufactured by rolling carbon or glass sheets around a mandrel, which basically produces a hollow, tapered tube. The way that these new boat rods differ is that they are solid, all the way through. So how does that work?

Well, as far as we're aware from speaking to the technical crew at YYS, these rods have a central carbon core that is different to the rest of the material used in the blank's construction, and that's what gives the blank its spine. They measure 6ft 5in long and are one-piece, which means they have a perfect action.

A Japanese inventor, working on the design principles for the past four years, has developed the concept. Only now has he finally cracked the code and got it right, and during the past three months the rods have been rigourously tested by Fladen's Swedish boat fishing team. Their verdict: "Absolutely flawless!".

We haven't had a chance to test the rods to destruction yet, or to take a hack saw to them in order to find out whats inside, but we did manage to have a go with the 20/50lb model during a recent trip to the River Mersey. The first thing that you'll notice with this rod is its diameter. It's ultra-slim and the tip us just 2.5mm thick! This gives superb sensitivity, and it also makes the rod more versatile. But don't be put off fishing for lunkers, there's a huge amount of power to be found within the rest of the blank. For instance, the 20/50lb model we saw could easily be used for bassing, pollacking, pirking over wrecks and for big rays in fast tides and so on. Currently there are four models in the range: 10/20lb, 20/40lb, 20/50lb and 20/60lb. If the rod we saw is anything to go by, the rest of the range is going to be awesome.

All the rods will cost £99.99 and the only problem there might be is in the demand. These superb rods are being manufactured in a tiny factory somewhere in South America and at present it's only turning out a small quantity at a time. Both YYS and Fladen are currently negotiating with the inventor to see if they can move the operation to a larger production outlet. The good news is that YYS has secured every rod that is being produced. So, even though demand may be high and you might have to wait a couple of months for one, you will get what you ordered - and that will be well worth the wait!"