Sensalure - Save 50%

Sensalure - Save 50%

Customer Review

"I first tried this lure over three years ago when it was very new and frankly, being laughed at by many lure anglers. Since that time, my catch rate with this amazing piece of kit has been phenominal.

Pike, Perch, Chub and Wild Brownies love it.

I have used it on stillwaters, canals and rivers with great success. It can be retrieved close to the surface and can also be run deep using a varied retrieve rate. I got to know Bob Parkinson who developed it and after talking to him, modified the lure by introducing a swivel in between the body of the lure and the hook which makes the hook spin much slower than the lure and gives a more positive connection when a fish bites.

I shall have a few of these lures in my tackle bag for as long as they are available."