Climax Sinking Braid - 100m - Final Clearance

Customer Review - Matt Dean

"A very good product I have been using the 37lb bs for six months now for most of my pike fishing and have found it trouble free and I have landed some nice pike with it as well"

Customer Review - James Fullwood

"I have been using braided lines on and off for a few years now and quite honestly this is the best that I have ever tried. It lays well on the reel, comes off amazingly easy without forming loops, seems to resist twist like no other braid I have tried, and has ZERO observable stretch.
Strikes are transmitted instantly to the rod, and you can feel every move that the fish makes.
This really is a very very soft braid, and I feel that over time it will have little or no effect on the rod rings, unlike other harder, more abrasive braids.
All in all, I will be ordering more of this, I can't say it better than that."