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Independent Review - Extract from magazine review
"The float line is excellent for casting after it has been used a couple of times. It is so soft it's a pleasure to use and knot. I have let lots of my charter parties try it out and all have raved about it. "

Customer Review - David Milton

"I have been looking for a tough line for fishing near pads and sags and this seem to the line for the job.

This is now the second year and I reverse tie the hook direct to the line for crust fishing. When the line is new, it is fairly stiff, but after a couple of days, the line is VERY soft and floats with ease on the water, requiring NO oil or grease. As I do not use floats or bubbles, the fine line stays dry, and casts well, with little/no drag through the eyes, just using a 1" cube of bread.

This line is bomb proof, I have it caught up in all sorts of things, and still it will not break, unlike mono lines which would have failed with ease.

This is a very good crusting line, with great control as it does not stick to the surface, so instant contact with the fish.

A great line!"
A great line!"