Berkley Fireline Original Superline 125yds - Save over 40%

Berkley FireLine is actually translucent, so much so that it is virtually invisible in water. Just think of the additional advantages, fish not seeing your line does not spook them. That means that the crafty wise monster you have only dreamt of catching can now be a reality.

Just when you thought a line could not get stronger it has, another massive 20% in strength for the same diameter, now that is a serious Super Line advantage.

Add on all of the other massive advantages that Superlines give you and you are onto a winner.

Berkley FireLine, a thermo-fused superline, is in a class of its own.

FireLine casts easier, ties better knots and stays more hassle-free than conventional braids. It’s unaffected by UV rays or
sunlight, resists fraying, and is now 20% stronger than before.

The biggest advantage in line today is that you pick line the way you pick lures.
Now you can choose a line for a reason: to use a specific kind of bait or a special fishing situation.

Apart from its incredible strength all of Berkley Superlines have near zero stretch. Just think of the advantages.

An additional asset of FireLine as a main trolling line or as a leader on leadcore line, is the ability to detect weeds or other
debris interrupting a lures action. When trolling around flotsam, a leaf or a twig can go undetected on straight monofilament. Not
so with FireLine, you can watch a rod tip for the lure’s vibration or pick up a rod to feel for it.

As with bass fishing, sensitive, no-stretch superline is again a choice for any deep-water fish. In water of 30 to 40 feet or more,
superline helps feel strikes and set hooks. Superlines excel in a variety of situations, including extracting fish from heavy cover, making long and accurate casts and for feeling fish with the lightest touch.

The strength, sensitivity, and accuracy they deliver have forever changed the form and function of modern fishing techniques.